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fiddle englannista suomeksi

  1. korjailla

  2. huijata, tehdä vilunkia

  3. soittaa, soittaa viulua

  4. vinguttaa

  5. viulu

  6. vetäytyä

  7. hypistellä, näpelöidä

  8. sormeilla

  1. Substantiivi

  2. reunalista

  3. Verbi

  4. vinguttaa viulua">vinguttaa viulua derogative; soittaa viulua">soittaa viulua

  5. koheltaa, haaskata, räplätä

fiddle englanniksi

  1. (synonym of), a small unfretted instrument with four strings tuned (lowest to highest) G-D-A-E, usually held against the chin and played with a bow; the position of a violinist in a band; any of various bowed instruments, particularly those of the violin family when played non-classically.

  2. (c.) (w), (w), Cotton Caligula A.IX, l. 3490:

  3. ...Of harpe & of salteriun. of fiðele & of coriun...
  4. 1864, William Sandys & al., ''The History of the Violin...'', p. 38:

  5. The fiddle of these early times, however, was the viol and not our modern violin.
  6. 1979, (w) & al., "(w)":

  7. Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard'cause|'Cause all hell breaks loose|Hell's broke loose in Georgia an' the Devil deals the cards...


  8. (synonym of): an unserious person entertaining a group.

  9. 1693, (l), ''Some Thoughts Concerning Education'', p. 208:
    You would not have your Son the Fiddle to every jovial Company.
  10. Unskillful or unartful behavior, particularly when showy and superficially pleasing.

  11. (synonym of), a fraud or swindle.

  12. 1947 June 22, ''(w)'', p. 4:

  13. Says Bevin: 'I want peace... and we shan't get it unless we deal with one another as friends. I will be a party to no fiddles.'
  14. 1959 Sept. 4, ''(w)'', p. 297:

  15. I know you'll think this is one of my fiddles. At my last parish we raffled a and trap,... a horse and a mousetrap.
  16. (synonym of), a quick and than perfect solution for some flaw or problem.

  17. Any rail or device that prevents items from sliding off a table, stove, etc. in rough water.

  18. (quote-journal)

  19. (synonym of).

  20. A trifling amount.

  21. Something resembling a violin in shape, particularly:

  22. A dock ((taxlink)) with leaves supposed to resemble the instrument.

  23. A long pole pulled by a animal to drag loose straw, hay, etc.

  24. A rack for drying pottery after glazing.

  25. To play the fiddle or violin, particularly in a music|folk or music|country style.

  26. (RQ:Bacon Essayes) said he could not fiddle, but yet he could make a small town a great city.

  27. To fidget or play; to idly amuse oneself, to act aimlessly, idly, or frivolously, particularly out of nervousness or restlessness.

  28. 1530, John Palsgrave, ''Lesclarcissement'', p. 549:

  29. Loke you fydell nat with your handes whan your maister speketh to you.
  30. (RQ:Pepys Diary)

  31. (..) talking, and fiddling with their hats and feathers (..)
  32. (RQ:Heller Catch-22)

  33. To cheat or swindle; to commit fraud.

  34. (synonym of), to make small adjustments or improvements.