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welcome englannista suomeksi

  1. ottaa vastaan mielellään

  2. tervetullut

  3. vastaanotto, tervetulotoivotus

  4. toivottaa tervetulleeksi

  5. ottaa vastaan

  1. tervetullut

  2. tervetuloa!

  3. Substantiivi

  4. tervetulotoivotus, tervehtiminen, vastaanotto

  5. tervetulotoivotus

  6. Verbi

  7. toivottaa tervetulleeksi">toivottaa tervetulleeksi

  8. toivottaa tervetulleeksi

welcome englanniksi

  1. Whose arrival is a cause of joy; received with gladness; admitted willingly to the house, entertainment, or company.

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  4. Producing gladness.

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  6. Free to have or enjoy gratuitously.

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  10. The act of greeting someone’s arrival, especially by saying "Welcome!"; reception.

  11. The utterance of such a greeting.

  12. Kind reception of a guest or newcomer.

  13. ''We entered the house and found a ready welcome.''

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  16. The state of being a welcome guest.

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  18. To affirm or greet the arrival of someone, especially by saying "Welcome!".

  19. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity). By the time we reached the house we were thanking our stars she had come. Mrs. Cooke came out from under the port-cochere to welcome her.

  20. To accept something willingly or gladly.

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  23. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang welcomed cooperation with South Korea.
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