1. tervetullut

  2. vapaa, riippumaton (tekemään mitä lystää)

Esimerkkejä welcome sanan käytöstä:

You are always 'welcome' in our home.

The lunch break was a 'welcome' relief from working hard all morning.

This is a 'welcome' reform.

She was 'welcome' to come and go as she pleased.



  1. etsitty, haluttu, toivottu, tervetullut, tervehdys, tervehtiminen, tervetulotoivotus, vastaanotto, sydämellinen vastaanotto, vieraanvaraisuus, epävieraanvaraisuus.

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ottaa vastaan mielellään


vastaanotto, tervetulotoivotus

toivottaa tervetulleeksi Whose arrival is a cause of joy; received with gladness; admitted willingly to the house, entertainment, or company.



(w) (1731-1800)
When the glad soul is made Heaven's welcome guest.
Producing gladness.
Free to have or enjoy gratuitously.
(RQ:Brmnghm Gsmr)
As a political system democracy seems to me extraordinarily foolish, but I would not go out of my way to protest against it. My servant is, so far as I am concerned, welcome to as many votes as he can get. I would very gladly make mine over to him if I could.
(non-gloss definition)
puhekieltä (non-gloss definition).
The act of greeting someone’s arrival, especially by saying "Welcome!"; reception.
The utterance of such a greeting.
Kind reception of a guest or newcomer.

We entered the house and found a ready welcome.

his warmest welcome at an inn
Truth finds an entrance and a welcome too.
To affirm or greet the arrival of someone, especially by saying "Welcome!".
To accept something willingly or gladly.


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