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joy englannista suomeksi

  1. ilo, ilonaihe

  2. riemu, onni

  3. ilahduttaa

  4. iloita

  1. ilo, riemu, onni

  2. Substantiivi

joy englanniksi

  1. A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good.

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  3. (quote-book) |author= Giovanni Bocaccio|tlr= John Florio| publisher=Isaac Iaggard| url=| passage=(..)purſued his vnneighbourly purpoſe in ſuch ſort: that hee being the ſtronger perſwader, and ſhe (belike) too credulous in beleeuing or elſe ouer-feeble in reſiſting, from priuate imparlance, they fell to action; and continued their cloſe fight a long while together, vnſeene and vvithout ſuſpition, no doubt to their equall ioy and contentment.

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  5. Anything that causes such a feeling.

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  8. Luck or success; a positive outcome.

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  11. The sign or exhibition of joy; gaiety; merriment; festivity.

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  14. To feel joy, to rejoice.

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  18. I swore readily enough to this and he joyed with exceeding joy and embraced me round the neck while love for him possessed my whole heart.
  19. To enjoy.

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  23. To give joy to; to congratulate.

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  26. To gladden; to make joyful; to exhilarate.

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