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turning englannista suomeksi

  1. muuttuminen, muutos

  2. lastu

  3. kääntyminen, käännös

  4. sorvaus, sorvaaminen

  5. lopputuote

  1. mutka

  2. sorvaus, sorvaaminen

turning englanniksi

  1. A turn or deviation from a straight course.

  2. ''Take the second turning on the left.''

  3. At hockey, a foul committed by a player attempting to hit the ball who interposes their body between the ball and an opposing player trying to do the same.

  4. (senseid)The shaping of wood or metal on a lathe.

  5. The act of turning.

  6. (quote-journal)

  7. Shavings produced by turning something on a lathe.

  8. ''The turnings get into your trouser turnups!''

  9. (infl of)

  10. ''The Earth is turning about its axis as we speak.''

    ''He made wooden soldiers by turning them on a hand lathe.''