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  1. termiitti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. termiitti

  3. Verbi

termite englanniksi

  1. A white-bodied, wood-consuming insect of the infraorder Isoptera, in the order Blattodea.

  2. 1802, Francis William Blagdon, ''Modern Discoveries; or, a Collection of facts and observations'', vol. IV, page 162

  3. Linnæus describes this insect under the Latin name of Termes; and citizen Cuvier speaks of it under that of Termites. The vulgar call it by that of white ant, or fourmi vaguevague. The termites divide themselves into societies: each society builds itself a next, and each nest belongs to an innumerable quantity of these insects, who acknowledge for their chiefs a king and a queen.
  4. Of a chimpanzee: to catch termites by inserting a stick or vine into their nest and waiting for them to climb up it.

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  6. 1798, Georges Cuvier, ''Tableau élémentaire de l'histoire naturelle des animaux'', page 479

  7. Les termites parfaits ont le corps et la tête applatis horizontalement ; trois articles à tous les doigts. Leurs antennes, en forme de chapelet, les distinguent assez des autres genres de cet ordre. 1. Le termite belliqueux. (Termes fatale.)Est l'espèce la plus grande et la plus commune. 2. Le termite atroce. (Termes arda.)Noir, à pieds pâles, et3. Le termite mordant. (Termes mordax.)Noir, à pieds de même couleur.
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