suomi-englanti sanakirja

taipua englanniksi

  1. submit

  2. truckle

  3. pronate

  4. incurvate

  5. bend, flex

  6. yield

  7. comply

  8. buckle

  9. go for

  10. bow

  11. buckle under, knuckle under, succumb

  1. to become curved, to bend

  2. to change one's opinion due to external influence, to in or bend

  3. to (be) conjugate(d)

  4. ''Suomessa lähes kaikki verbit taipuvat säännöllisissä taivutusluokissa''.

    ''Almost all the Finnish verbs are conjugated in regular conjugations''.

  5. to be declinable

  6. ''Adjektiivi eri ei taivu''.

    ''The adjective eri is not declinable / is indeclinable.''

  7. to diffract