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sinew englannista suomeksi

  1. jänner, jäntere

  2. voima, jäntevyys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. voima, jäntevyys

  3. voimanlähde

  4. Verbi

sinew englanniksi

  1. A cord or tendon of the body.

  2. A cord or string, particularly as of a instrument.

  3. Muscular power, muscle; nerve, nervous energy; vigor, vigorous strength.

  4. That which gives strength or in which strength consists; a supporting factor or member; mainstay.

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  6. (quote-book) Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of State;(nb...)|location=London|publisher=Published by (w); printed by Thomas Newcomb for Thomas Johnson(nb...)|year=1658|page=101|pageurl=|oclc=64758219|passage=The Bodies of Men, Munition, and Mony may justly be called the ſinews of War, yet of them the two firſt are more neceſſary, for Men and Arms have means to find Mony and Meate: but Mony and Meate cannot ſo eaſily find Soldiers and ſwords.

  7. A nerve.

  8. To knit together or make strong with, or as if with, sinews.

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  10. (RQ:Goldsmith Vicar of Wakefield) We ſhould then find that wretches, now ſtuck up for long tortures, left luxury ſhould feel a momentary pang, might, if properly treated, ſerve to ſinew the ſtate in times of danger; (..)