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shred englannista suomeksi

  1. suikale, kaistale, riepu

  2. hitunen

  3. suikaloida, silputa

  1. hitunen, kappale, palanen

  2. kaistale, suikale

  3. repiä, silputa, suikaloida

  4. tiluttaa

  5. tiputtaa

shred englanniksi

  1. A fragment of something; a particle; a piece; also, a very small amount.

  2. (synonyms)


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  5. (RQ:Milton Smectymnuus) And like a ſon of ''(w)'', vvithout the hire of ''Jeſabel'', charges me ''of blaſpheming God and the King'', as ordinarily he imagines ''me to drink Sack and ſvveare'', meerely becauſe this vvas a ſhred in his common place-Book, (..)

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  8. A long, narrow piece (especially of fabric) cut or off|torn off; a strip; specifically, a piece of cloth or clothing.

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  10. (RQ:Bacon Baconiana). be the Compound Metals that are Common and Known? and What are the Proportions of Their Mixtures?|page=109|passage=(..) Gold being grovvn ſomevvhat churliſh by recovering, is made more pliant by throvving in ſhreds of tanned Leather, or any Leather oiled.

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  15. A thin strand or wisp, as of a cloud, mist, etc.

  16. A thin strip of fruit peel, a vegetable, etc., cut so that it curls.

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  18. A piece of gold or silver lace or thread.

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  20. A shard or (l).

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  22. A tailor.

  23. (RQ:Jonson Cynthia's Revels). Is it ſo, ſir, you impudent ''Poultroun''? you ſlaue, you liſt, you ſhreds, you.— (..) (smallcaps). S'foot, vve muſt vſe our taylors thus.

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  25. To cut or tear (something) into long, narrow pieces or strips.

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  27. To destroy (a document) by cutting or tearing into strips or small pieces that cannot easily be read, especially using a shredder.

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  29. To cut (fruit peel, a vegetable, etc.) into thin strips that curl.

  30. To separate (something) into small portions.

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  32. To reduce (something) by a large percentage; to slash.

  33. (quote-journal), Amazon’s founder, never wanted his customers to worry about shipping – about how much it cost, or about how long it would take – and he relentlessly shredded delivery times to make shipping incidental to the purchasing experience.

  34. Chiefly in music|rock and metal: to play (a instrument (especially a guitar) or a piece of music) very fast.

  35. To through (snow, water, etc.) swiftly with one's snowboard, surfboard, etc.; to move or ride along (a road, track, etc.) aggressively and rapidly.

  36. To convincingly defeat (someone); to thrash, to trounce.

  37. To cut or sever (something) into two parts.

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  39. To chop or cut (something) into pieces.

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  42. (quote-book)|editors=Christopher Barker; William Garret|chapter=The Moral Hypocrite is He, in whom Reason Putteth Religion out of Office|title=(lang) DIAPHERONTA, or Divine Characters in Tvvo Parts,(nb...)|location=London|publisher=(...) Byfield|Adoniram Byfeild(nb...)|year=1658|section=1st part|page=40|pageurl=|oclc=908402217|passage=Morality ſhreddeth ſinne as a garden knot; but Religion ſtubbeth it up by the roots.

  43. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Skeffington and Southwell,(nb...)|year=1851|section=part IV (The Shore of the Harbour)|page=117|pageurl=|oclc=56004678|passage=How? speak more at length. Thou snippest off news as a housewife shreddeth leeks.

  44. To cut, lop, or strip (branches, etc.) off; also, to cut (a piece) from something.

  45. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(...) George Bishop and Ralph Nevvberie|year=1590|page=111|pageurl=|oclc=931193989|passage=To call in queſtion the iuriſdiction of Archbiſhops, they affirme that no man is to take vpon him an office but hee that is called, as vvas ''(w)'': but they are not avvare, that the ſame poſition ſhreddeth avvay the vvilde autoritie of doctors, elders, conſiſtorie, conferences, & their abſurd and irregular Synodes, vvhich (as enemies in an aſſault enter the breach) vvould ſteale into the Church through the ruines thereof.

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  47. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(...) Adam Islip for Burby|Cuthbert Burbie,(nb...)|year=1604|page=194|pageurl=|oclc=1136684237|passage=All vſurie in it ovvne nature is biting, becauſe it biteth or ſhreddeth avvay ſome of the borrovvers ſubſtance.

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  52. To prune or trim (a tree, a vineyard, etc.).

  53. To become separated into small portions.

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  56. To reduce body weight due to fat and water before a competition.

  57. To travel swiftly using a snowboard, surfboard, or vehicle.

  58. (synonym of)

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