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route englannista suomeksi

  1. reitti

  2. reitittää, ohjata

  3. lähettää

  1. reitti

  2. tie, reitti

  3. ohjata, reitittää

  4. reitittää

  5. Substantiivi

route englanniksi

  1. A course or way which is traveled or passed.

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  5. A regular itinerary of stops, or the path followed between these stops, such as for delivery or passenger transportation.

  6. A road or path; often specifically a highway.

  7. One of multiple methods or approaches to doing something.

  8. 2010, Damien McLoughlin and David A. Aaker, ''Strategic Market Management: Global Perspectives'', John Wiley & Sons, (ISBN), pages 156-7:

  9. If such an option is to viable over time, it needs to be protected against competitors. Having patent protection is one route. (..) Another route is to have a programmatic investment strategy (..). Rolex has taken this route (..)
  10. One of the major provinces of imperial China from the Jin to the Song, corresponding to the Tang and early Yuan circuits.

  11. A specific entry in a router that tells the router how to transmit the data it receives.

  12. To direct or divert along a particular course.

  13. ''All incoming mail was routed through a single office.''

  14. to connect two area network|local area networks, thereby forming an internet.

  15. To send (information) through a router.

  16. (quote-journal)|date=24 June 2014|passage=Google Glass has come under fire from privacy advocates because it can record video without subjects being aware of it, and that any video will be routed through Google's servers.

  17. (eye dialect of)

  18. (l), course, way (gloss)

  19. road, route

  20. road (sometimes route like "Route 66")

  21. route, way, path

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  23. ''a group of people''

  24. band, company

  25. '14th c. Geoffrey Chaucer, ''The Canterbury Tales''. The Miller's Prologue, 1-3

  26. Whan that the Knight hadde thus his tale ytold
    In all the route nas ther yong ne old
    That he ne saide it was a noble storye
  27. crowd, populace

  28. throng; gang, with connotation of illicit activity

  29. the proper condition of something

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  31. road

  32. course

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