suomi-englanti sanakirja

ohjata englanniksi

  1. guide

  2. supervise

  3. direct

  4. lead

  5. mentor

  6. counsel

  7. stage direct

  8. steer

  9. starboard

  10. route

  11. submarine

  12. pilot

  13. instruct

  14. head

  15. tutor

  16. govern

  17. refer

  18. drive

  19. navigate

  20. control

  21. usher

  22. redirect

  23. draw rein

  1. (noun form of)

  2. to steer, pilot, navigate, drive a vehicle (car, ship, airplane, etc.)

  3. to direct, guide, conduct, lead, channel a moving object, flowing substance, traffic, etc.

  4. to control, regulate a device, appliance, or system

  5. to the way, give directions, show to somewhere, usher, direct, guide, lead especially someone or their attention

  6. to give information to, give instructions to, give directions to, tell someone what to do, counsel, instruct, guide, direct, tutor, mentor, encourage people, patients, employees, students, studies, traffic, etc.

  7. to control, monitor, oversee, govern, steer, regulate, supervise, direct an activity, task, organization, operations (in general and medical operations), government authorities, the enforcement of (and implementation of and compliance with) laws and regulations, etc.

  8. to direct a play, film, etc.

  9. to guide

  10. to lead, to direct

  11. to manage, to be charge of

  12. to supervise