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qualification englannista suomeksi

  1. muuttaminen

  2. vaatimus, ehto

  3. rajoitus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kvalifiointi, hyväksyntä, hyväksymisprosessi, pätevöityminen

  3. aika-ajo

  4. tutkinto

  5. täsmennys, ehto, lisäehto

qualification englanniksi

  1. The act or process of qualifying for a position, achievement etc. (defdate)

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  3. An ability or attribute that aids someone's chances of qualifying for something; specifically, completed professional training. (defdate)

  4. A certificate, diploma, or degree awarded after successful completion of a course, training, or exam.

  5. A clause or condition which qualifies something; a modification, a limitation. (defdate)

  6. A quality or attribute. (defdate)

  7. (quote-book)|The Fable of the Bees|text=To shew, that these Qualfications, which we all pretend to be asham'd of, are the great support of a flourishing Society has been the subject of the foregoing Poem.

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