suomi-englanti sanakirja

pysyä englanniksi

  1. follow, stick to, stick with

  2. stick

  3. keep

  4. adhere

  5. stay in place

  6. stay, stay put, stick around

  7. hold

  8. remain

  9. stand

  1. To stay, remain.

  2. ~ (''kiinni'') = to hold (tight/fast), not come/fall off/out.

  3. To keep/to, not deviate from; not to renege on, not change one's mind on.

  4. ''Yritän pysyä aikataulussa.''

    ''I'm trying to stick to the schedule/not to be late.''

    ''Yritän pysyä lupauksessani.''

    ''I'm trying to stick to my promise/not to break my promise.''

    ''Pysy totuudessa!''

    ''Don't deviate from the truth!'' / ''Stick to the truth!''

    ''Toinen osapuoli ei pysynyt sopimuksessa.''

    ''The other party reneged on the agreement.''