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ooze englannista suomeksi

  1. vuotaa

  2. vuoto

  3. muta, lieju, liete

  4. tihkua

  1. parkkivesi, parkkiliemi

  2. erittää secrete, tihkua slowly leak

  3. huokua, uhkua

ooze englanniksi

  1. Tanning liquor, an aqueous extract of vegetable matter (tanbark, sumac, etc.) in a tanning vat used to tan leather.

  2. An oozing, gentle flowing, or seepage, as of water through sand or earth.

  3. Secretion, humour.

  4. Juice, sap.

  5. To be secreted or slowly leak.

  6. 1868, Charlotte Riddell, ''A Strange Christmas Game''

  7. I promised him I would keep silence, but the story gradually oozed out, and the Cronsons left the country.
  8. 1988, David Drake, ''The Sea Hag'', Baen Publishing Enterprises (2003), (ISBN), unnumbered page:

  9. Pale slime oozed through all the surfaces; some of it dripped from the ceiling and burned Dennis as badly as the blazing sparks had done a moment before.
  10. 1994, Madeleine May Kunin, ''Living a Political Life'', Vintage Books (1995), (ISBN), unnumbered page:

  11. He was hard to understand because he spoke softly, and his Vermont accent was as thick as maple syrup oozing down a pile of pancakes.
  12. 2011, Karen Mahoney, ''The Iron Witch'', Flux (2011), (ISBN), page 278:

  13. Her heart constricted when she saw thick blood oozing from a wide gash in his forehead.
  14. To off a strong sense of (something); to exude.

  15. 1989, Robert R. McCammon, ''The Wolf's Hour'', Open Road Integrated Media (2011), (ISBN), unnumbered page:

  16. "Good servants are so hard to find," Chesna said, oozing arrogance.
  17. 1999, Tamsin Blanchard, ''Antonio Berardi: Sex and Sensibility'', Watson-Guptill Publications (1999), (ISBN), page 16:

  18. There are no two ways about it: a Berardi dress oozes sex appeal from its very seams.
  19. (quote-journal)

  20. Soft mud, slime, or shells especially in the bed of a river or estuary.

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)
  22. A pelagic marine sediment containing a significant amount of the microscopic remains of either calcareous or siliceous planktonic debris organisms.

  23. 1826, (w), (w), volume 3, chapter

  24. Seaweed were left on the blackened marble, while the salt ooze defaced the matchless works of art.
  25. A piece of soft, wet, pliable ground.