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mail englannista suomeksi

  1. postittaa

  2. rautapaita

  3. posti

  4. lähettää

  1. posti

  2. sähköposti

  3. postittaa

  4. rengaspanssari, silmukkapanssari

  5. Substantiivi

  6. Verbi

mail englanniksi

  1. A bag or wallet. (defdate)

  2. 1499, (w), ''The Bowge of Courte'':

  3. What, loo, man, see here of dyce a bale; / A brydelynge caste for that is in thy male!
  4. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  5. A bag containing letters to be delivered by post.

  6. The material conveyed by the postal service. (defdate)

  7. (ux)

  8. 1823, ''The stranger in Liverpool; or, An historical and descriptive view of the town of Liverpool and its environs'', Seventh Edition, T. Kaye, page 96,

  9. The following are the hours at which the letter-box of this office is closed for making up the several mails, and the hours at which each mail is despatched: ¶ (..)
  10. 1887, John Houston Merrill (editor), ''The American and English Encyclopædia of Law'', Volume I, Edward Thompson, p.121,

  11. If he retains the account, and permits several mails to pass without objecting to it, he will be held to have admitted its correctness.
  12. (RQ:Birmingham Gossamer)

  13. A stagecoach, train or ship that delivers such post.

  14. (quote-journal)

  15. The postal service or system in general. (defdate)

  16. (syn)

  17. The letters, parcels, etc. delivered to a particular address or person. (defdate)

  18. mail|Electronic mail, e-mail: a computer network–based service for sending, storing, and forwarding electronic messages. (defdate)

  19. A trunk, box, or bag, in which clothing, etc., may be carried.

  20. (RQ:Scott Bride of Lammermoo)

  21. “Fetch me the little private mail with the padlocks, that I recommended to your particular charge — d'ye hear?”
  22. (senseid) To send (a letter, parcel, etc.) through the mail.

  23. To send by mail.

  24. ''Please mail me the spreadsheet by the end of the day.''

  25. 1983, "Donn Seeley", ''Source for 'Grab' '' (on newsgroup ''net.unix-wizards'')

  26. There has been a crackdown on non-ARPA use of a local ARPA gateway, so I am reluctant to attempt to mail the file to ARPA sites.
  27. 1998, "Michael Tomsett", ''Re: Multiple postings?'' (on newsgroup '''')

  28. Since .mp3's are so big (well for me with a 33.6kp/s connection they are anyway) maybe you should offer on your site to mail the file to people who want it, and have them request it, thus saving your web space, your upload time and their download time (..)
  29. 2003, "Chrissy", ''Re: Send mail with attachment'' (on newsgroup ''microsoft.public.excel.programming'')

  30. If you mail an attachment from one mail client then it does not matter if the receiver uses a different mail client. The mail you send should be able to be read from their mail client.
  31. To contact (a person) by mail.

  32. ''I need to mail my tutor about the deadline.''

  33. 2000, "Carlton Alton Deltree", ''Whoever did this sucks...'' (on newsgroup ''alt.comp.virus'')

  34. I was horrified but my data was OK. Then, it saw it open my e-mail package and start to mail my friends. I turned the power off.
  35. 2002, Jessica Mann, ''The voice from the grave'', page 189:

  36. 'Yes, at Quantico. She was so excited by it, she sent all those emails, you remember I told you about it -' 'Yes, she mailed me from there too.'
  37. 2011, Rose Budworth-Levine, ''Intimate Encounters'', page 41:

  38. He mailed me and said he had managed to hack into my email accounts.
  39. Armour consisting of metal rings or plates linked together.

  40. 1956, C. S. Lewis, ''The Last Battle''

  41. "That's funny looking mail, Sire," said Eustace."Aye, lad," said Tirian. "No Narnian dwarf smithied that. (..)
  42. A contrivance of interlinked rings, for rubbing off the loose hemp on lines and white cordage.

  43. Any hard protective covering of an animal, as the scales and plates of reptiles, shell of a lobster, etc.

  44. 1716, John Gay, ''Epistle to the Earl of Burlington''

  45. We (..) strip the lobster of his scarlet mail.
  46. (RQ:Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring)

  47. A spot on a bird's feather; by extension, a spotted feather.

  48. (RQ:Walton Compleat Angler)

  49. To arm with mail.

  50. To pinion.

  51. An old French coin worth half a denier.

  52. A monetary payment or tribute.

  53. Rent.

  54. Tax.

  55. millet

  56. birdseed

  57. email

  58. (nl-verb form of)

  59. (noun form of)

  60. mile

  61. maul

  62. mall mallet

  63. mall

  64. mall, promenade

  65. mall, mall

  66. (qual) email

  67. (verb form of)

  68. (verb form of)

  69. (romanization of)

  70. email

  71. (quote-web) una democrazia che Trump (ricordiamoci le accuse di «falsificazione» delle elezioni, la strumentalizzazione della vicenda delle mail di Hillary, l’uso senza scrupoli della «post-verità») deve assolutamente imparare a rispettare pienamente.

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  74. apple

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