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French englannista suomeksi

  1. ranskalaiset

  2. Ranskan, ranskalainen

  3. French

  4. ranska

  5. suikaloida

  1. ranska, ranskan kieli">ranskan kieli

  2. kielenkäyttö

  3. Substantiivi

  4. ranskalainen (monikko) / ranskalaiset

  5. ranskalainen, Ranska / Ranskan, ranska / ranskan-

  6. ranskalainen

  7. ranskankielinen, ranska / ranskan

  8. Verbi

French englanniksi

  1. The language|language of France, shared by the neighboring countries Belgium, Monaco, and Switzerland and by former French colonies around the world.

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  4. Ne mowe we alle Latin wite...Ne French...
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  6. I... wolde also be bolde in such french as is peculiare to the lawys of this realme, to leue it wyth them in wrytynge to.
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  11. The ability of a person to communicate in French.

  12. 1742 April 4, R. West, letter to Thomas Gray:

  13. (w)'s language is the language of the times, and that of the purest sort; so that his French is reckoned a standard.
  14. French language and literature as an object of study.

  15. Vulgar language.

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  18. ''Cameron'': Pardon my French, but you're an asshole!
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  20. (surname).

  21. The people of France; groups of French people.

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  24. (synonym of), especially fellatio.

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  29. (senseid) (ellipsis of), a type of dry vermouth.

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  32. Of or relating to France.

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  34. Of or relating to the people or culture of France.

  35. Of or relating to the noun|French language.

  36. Of or related to sex, especially fellatio.

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