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lard englannista suomeksi

  1. laardi, sianihra

  2. höystää

  3. silavoida

  1. ihra, laardi, sianihra

  2. täyttää pekonilla">täyttää pekonilla

  3. silavoida

  4. koristella

  5. lihottaa

  6. lihoa

  7. Substantiivi

lard englanniksi

  1. Fat from the abdomen of a pig, especially as prepared for use in cooking or pharmacy.

  2. Fatty meat from a pig; bacon, pork.

  3. Excess fat on a person or animal.

  4. 2020, Sophie Ranald, ''Thank You, Next: A perfect, uplifting and funny romantic comedy''

  5. My wonderful partner is fond of pointing out that he and I have done the Covid crisis on easy mode: we have no children, no caring responsibilities, (..) we have a fabulous community of people at our local fitness studio to keep the lockdown lard at bay and the cats love joining us for afternoon naps.
  6. To stuff (meat) with bacon or pork before cooking.

  7. To smear with fat or lard.

  8. 1740, (w), ''Hobbinol''

  9. In his buff doublet larded o'er with fat / Of slaughtered brutes.
  10. To garnish or strew, especially with reference to words or phrases in speech and writing.

  11. To fatten; to enrich.

  12. (RQ:Spenser Shepheardes Calender)

  13. oak with his nuts larded many swine.
  14. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-1)

  15. To grow fat.

  16. To mix or garnish with something, as by way of improvement; to interlard.

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  19. bacon

  20. (l)

  21. Bacon; fatty cured pork.

  22. Other fatty cured meat.

  23. (l), fat (gloss)

  24. A cut of meat from a pig.

  25. (l) (fatty substance)

  26. bacon

  27. pig-fat