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golden englannista suomeksi

  1. kultainen, kullanvärinen, kullan-

  2. kullattu, kulta-

  3. suotuisa

  4. erinomainen, kullanarvoinen

  5. suosikki-

  1. kultainen

  2. kultainen, kullankeltainen

  3. kulta / kulta-

  4. tuhannen taalan

  5. Verbi

  6. Substantiivi

golden englanniksi

  1. Made of, or relating to, gold. Category:en:Gold

  2. ''She wore a golden crown.''

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  4. Having a colour or other richness suggestive of gold.

  5. ''Under a golden sun.''

    (color panel)

  6. Of a beverage, flavoured or colored with turmeric. (defdate)

  7. Marked by prosperity, creativity etc.

  8. ''The Renaissance was a golden era.''

    ''the Horseshoe''

  9. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jones)

  10. Advantageous or very favourable.

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  13. Relating to a fiftieth anniversary.

  14. ''It's not long until our golden wedding.''

  15. Relating to the elderly or retired.

  16. ''After retiring, Bob and Judy moved to Arizona to live out their golden years.''

  17. Fine, without problems.

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  21. (taxlink), a fish found in southeast Asia.

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  23. (quote-book)Goldens should be brushed regularly.

  24. To become gold or golden (in colour).

  25. To make golden or like gold.

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  28. golden; gold (gloss)

  29. golden (gloss)

  30. Formed from gold.

  31. Decorated or covered with gold.

  32. Having a golden colour.

  33. Of excellent quality or worth; precious, best.

  34. golden

  35. Delicious