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forbear englannista suomeksi

  1. esi-isä

  2. välttää

  3. pidättyä, hillitä itsensä

  1. estää, välttää

  2. estyä

  3. kieltäytyä

  4. hillitä itsensä">hillitä itsensä, pidättyä tekemästä jotakin">tekemästä jotakin

forbear englanniksi

  1. To away from; to avoid; to abstain from.

  2. (quote-book), and Mr. Baron Thorpe|Thorpe, Justices of Assize, for High Treason:(nb...)| editor=Cobbett|William Cobbett| title=Cobbett’s Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanours from the Earliest Period to the Present Time| location=London| publisher=Printed by Curson Hansard|Thomas Curson Hansard,(nb...); published by R. Bagshaw ''et al.''| year=1649| year_published=1809| volume=IV| column=1266| columnurl=| oclc=557893808| passage=Mr. Sheriff, I desire that this manacling may be forborn: if you please to clap a guard of a hundred men upon us, I shall pay for it. This is not only a disgrace to me, but in general to all soldiers; which doth more trouble me than the loss of my life.

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  4. Poor Arabs wondered why I had no mare; I forbore to puzzle them by incomprehensible talk of hardening myself, or confess I would rather walk than ride for sparing of animals:
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  6. To refrain from proceeding; to pause; to delay.

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  9. To refuse; to decline; to withsay; to unheed.

  10. To control oneself when provoked.

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  12. The kindest and the happiest pair / Will find occasion to forbear.
  13. (alternative spelling of)

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  15. Sirs, I am quite sure that the King of England's forbears rightly and justly lost the conquered lands that I hold ...
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  17. One does not take one’s family name therefrom, and again the position of the mother in that group is determined through her father and his male forbears in turn; this too is a patrilineal group.
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