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refrain englannista suomeksi

  1. pidättyä

  2. pidättäytyä, kieltäytyä

  3. kertosäe

  1. pidätellä, pitää poissa">pitää poissa

  2. pidättyä with elative

  3. pidättäytyä

  4. kertosäe

  5. Substantiivi

refrain englanniksi

  1. To hold back, to restrain (someone or something). (defdate)

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  4. To show restraint; to hold oneself back. (defdate)

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  6. (quote-text)|title=A Book of the West|section=Book of the West/Volume 1/18|Volume 1 Chapter 18

  7. To repress (a desire, emotion etc.); to check or curb. (defdate)

  8. To stop oneself (m) some action or interference; to abstain. (defdate)

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  11. If you knew how I struggle for a little health, what uneasiness I am at in riding and walking, and refraining from every thing agreeable to my taste
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  13. To abstain from (food or drink). (defdate)

  14. The chorus or (l) of a song repeated at the end of each verse or stanza.

  15. (quote-book)

  16. A much repeated comment, complaint, or saying.

  17. (syn)

  18. (l), chorus

  19. (l)