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foil englannista suomeksi

  1. estää

  2. kiinnittää tausta

  3. koroste

  4. dia

  5. siipi

  6. korostaa

  7. metallilehti, folio

  8. floretti

  1. folio, ohkolevy

  2. folio

  3. floretti

  4. estää, pilata suunnitelma">pilata suunnitelma

  5. kertoa

  6. Substantiivi

foil englanniksi

  1. A very thin sheet of metal.

  2. Thin aluminium/aluminum (or, formerly, tin) used for wrapping food.

  3. (ux)

  4. A thin layer of metal put between a jewel and its setting to make it seem more brilliant.

  5. In literature, theatre/theater, etc., a character who helps emphasize the traits of the main character and who usually acts as an opponent or antagonist.

  6. Anything that acts by contrast to emphasise the characteristics of something.

  7. (RQ:Sidney Arcadia)

  8. As she a black silk cap on him begun / To set, for foil of his milk-white to serve.
  9. 1725-1726, (w), ''The Odyssey''

  10. Hector has also a foil to set regard
  11. A very thin sword with a blunted (or foiled) tip

  12. (RQ:Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing)

  13. 1784-1810, (w), ''History of Greece''

  14. Socrates contended with a foil against Demosthenes with a sword.
  15. A thin, transparent plastic material on which marks are made and projected for the purposes of presentation. See transparency.

  16. A stylized flower or leaf.

  17. A hydrofoil.

  18. An aerofoil/airfoil.

  19. To cover or wrap with foil.

  20. To prevent (something) from being accomplished.

  21. To prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.

  22. (RQ:Dryden Aeneis)

  23. And by mortal man at length am foil'd.
  24. (RQ:Byron Childe Harold)

  25. (quote-journal)

  26. To blunt; to dull; to spoil.

  27. (rfquotek)

  28. To tread underfoot; to trample.

  29. 1603, (w), '' The Generall Historie of the Turkes''

  30. King Richard (..) caused the ensigns of Leopold to be pulled down and foiled underfoot.
  31. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  32. Whom he did all to pieces breake and foyle, / In filthy durt, and left so in the loathely soyle.
  33. Failure when on the point of attainment; defeat; frustration; miscarriage.

  34. (RQ:Milton Paradise Regained)

  35. (RQ:Dryden Threnodia Augustali)

  36. Nor e'er was fate so near a foil.
  37. One of the incorrect answers presented in a multiple-choice test.

  38. The track of an animal.

  39. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jones)but after giving her a dodge, here's another b— follows me upon the foil.

  40. To expand a product of two or more algebraic expressions, typically binomials.

  41. To defile; to soil.

  42. leaf (green appendage of a plant which photosynthesizes)