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glossy englannista suomeksi

  1. pintakorea, ulkokiiltoinen

  2. kiiltäväpintainen valokuva

  3. kiiltävä

  4. kiiltävä kuvalehti

  5. kiilto-

  1. kiiltävä, kiilto-">kiilto-

  2. Substantiivi

glossy englanniksi

  1. Having a smooth, silk-like, reflective surface.

  2. A glossy magazine.

  3. ''The supermarket glossies are full of celebrity gossip and fad diets.''

  4. A glossy photograph.

  5. 2013, Stacy Zemon, ''The DJ Sales and Marketing Handbook''

  6. Black and white 8- × 10-inch glossies are best, but 5- × 7-inch is okay too. Place photos on top of cardboard when mailing. Don't tape or paper-clip because doing so can ruin the photo.
  7. A film depicting people with glamorous lifestyles.

  8. 1959, ''Film Review'' (page 102)

  9. Anna Magnani has been making Hollywood glossies recently, so it was good to see her back again in a native Italian production, ''The Last Temptation'', in which with great artistry and all her usual power she played a Nun who finds a woman's and even a mother's heart beating strongly beneath her 'sister's' habit.
  10. 1973, ''Films and Filming'' (volume 20, page 10)

  11. (..) the first home-made guide to TV films by which is meant old films shown on the box, not those new Hollywood glossies made specially for it (though a guide there too would soon be welcome).