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dolent englanniksi

  1. Sad, sorrowful.

  2. 1874, Thomson (B.V.)|James Thomson, ''of Dreadful Night|The City of Dreadful Night''

  3. Poor wretch! who once hath paced that dolent city
    Shall pace it often, doomed beyond all pity,
    With horror ever deepening from the first.
  4. 1969, Vladimir Nabokov, ''Ada or Ardor'', Penguin 2011, p. 148:

  5. ‘Did you find them all, Uncle Van?’ she inquired, sighing, laying her dolent head on his shoulder.
  6. bad

  7. (ca-verb form of)

  8. mournful

  9. painful

  10. (inflection of)

  11. sad

  12. painful; causing suffering and pain