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creed englannista suomeksi

  1. uskontunnustus

  2. oppi, usko

  1. Substantiivi

  2. usko

  3. uskontunnustus

  4. Verbi

  5. uskoa

creed englanniksi

  1. That which is believed; accepted doctrine, especially religious doctrine; a particular set of beliefs; any summary of principles or opinions professed or adhered to.

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  4. (quote-song)|artist=(w)|date=12 February 1982|passage=He killed our tribes he killed our creed. / He took our game for his own need

  5. (quote-journal)|location=London|date=6 April 2017|passage=Pakistan is a conservative, religious state. The Edhi Foundation is unusual in its ignoring of caste, creed, religion and sect. This strict stance has led to some criticism from religious groups.

  6. A reading or statement of belief that summarizes the faith it represents; a confession of faith for public use, especially one which is brief and comprehensive.

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  9. (quote-book)|year=2015|page=6|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-8308-6270-2|passage=The Apostles' Creed was not the only creed to come into existence in the period of the early church. However, it is the oldest and simplest creed of the church. All Christian traditions recognize its authority and its importance as a standard of doctrine. To study the Apostles' Creed is to investigate a central element of our common Christian heritage.

  10. The fact of believing; belief, faith.

  11. (quote-book), (w)|year=1819|section=stanza CVI|page=56|pageurl=|oclc=9665909|passage=Oh love! how perfect is thy mystic art, / Strengthening the weak, and trampling on the strong, / How self-deceitful is the sagest part / Of mortals whom thy lure hath led along— / The precipice she stood on was immense, / So was her creed in her own innocence.

  12. To believe; to credit.

  13. (quote-book). In Two Volumes|location2=London|publisher2=Printed for Millar|Andrew Millar, in the London|Strand|year2=1753|volume2=I|page2=326|pageurl2=|oclc2=873117158|passage=Only this I marvelled, and other men have since, whenas I, in a ſubject ſo new to this age, and ſo hazardous to pleaſe, concealed not my name, why this author, defending that part which is ſo creeded by the people, would conceal his.

  14. (quote-book), &c.|location=London|publisher=Printed for T. Warner, at th Black-Boy in Row|Pater-Noster-Row|year=1731|page=42|pageurl=|oclc=642716509|passage=And ſo, no doubt, were his ''other'' Preferments as acceptable, which did require ſuch ''Athanaſsian'' Subſcriptions, &c. and which he in an ''Athanaſian Form ſubſcrib'd, creeded'', and ''worſhip'd'' for till his dying-day.

  15. (quote-book), by Trübner|Trübner & Co., 57 & 59, (w)|year=1873|page=45|pageurl=|oclc=79689919|passage='I was n't for ''creeding'' me awn e'en,' believing my own eyes.|brackets=on

  16. To provide with a creed.

  17. (quote-book), 62 (w)|year=1872|page=122|pageurl=|oclc=32680654|passage=The poor like Priests—Priests utilise the poor; / High Church the common people feeding / Exclaims—"You Low Church indolents observe / How we go about leavening and creeding!"

  18. (es-verb form of)