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cove englannista suomeksi

  1. merenlahti, poukama

  2. sola

  1. poukama, lahti

  2. kaveri, heppu

  3. Substantiivi

cove englanniksi

  1. A hollow in a rock; a cave or cavern. (defdate)

  2. A concave vault or archway, especially the arch of a ceiling. (defdate)

  3. A small coastal inlet, especially one having high cliffs protecting vessels from prevailing winds. (defdate)

  4. (RQ:Holland R)

  5. secret coves and noukes
  6. A strip of prairie extending into woodland.

  7. A recess or sheltered area on the slopes of a mountain. (defdate)

  8. The wooden roof of the stern gallery of an old sailing warship. (defdate)

  9. A thin line, sometimes gilded, along a yacht's strake below deck level. (defdate)

  10. To arch over; to build in a hollow concave form; to make in the form of a cove.

  11. 1779, (w), ''Travels through Spain''

  12. The mosques and other buildings of the Arabians are rounded into domes and coved roofs.
  13. A fellow; a man.

  14. (quote-book)|title=(w)| isbn=9780385619271| page=326| passage=At one point, a friendly-looking sort of cove with silver hair and a grandfatherly kind of face beamed at him (..)

  15. A friend; a mate.

  16. To brood, cover, or sit over, as birds their eggs.

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  18. Not being able to cove or sit upon them eggs, she female tortoise bestoweth them in the gravel.
  19. A large basket

  20. (monikko) it|cova