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alien englannista suomeksi

  1. vieras, muukalainen, tuntematon

  2. myydä, siirtää, luovuttaa

  3. etäännyttää, vieraannuttaa

  4. ulkomaalainen

  5. humanoidi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. muukalainen

  3. muukalainen, ulkomaalainen, vierasmaalainen

  4. avaruusolento

  5. vierasmaalainen

  6. vieras

  7. avaruusolio / avaruusolio-, avaruusolento / avaruusolento-, muukalainen

  8. Verbi

alien englanniksi

  1. Any form of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origin.

  2. A person, animal, plant, or other thing which is from outside the family, group, organization, or territory under consideration.

  3. A foreigner residing in a country.

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  6. One excluded from certain privileges; one alienated or estranged.

  7. (RQ:KJV)aliens from the common wealth of Iſrael(..)

  8. Not belonging to the same country, land, or government, or to the citizens or subjects thereof; foreign.

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  10. Very unfamiliar, strange, or removed.

  11. (RQ:Wordsworth The Prelud)

  12. An alien sound of melancholy.
  13. Pertaining to extraterrestrial life.

  14. (senseid) To estrange; to alienate.

  15. To transfer the ownership of something.

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  17. An (l), an extraterrestrial.

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  20. An outsider or foreign person, especially if resident in one's nation.

  21. (RQ:Wycliffe NT Lichfield)

  22. One who is alien in some other way (gloss)

  23. An unlawful occupier or possessor of land.

  24. Outside, (l), foreign; from or relating to another nation.

  25. Religiously outside; heretical, erring; of false religion or morals.

  26. Distant, isolated, secure, away (gloss)

  27. Under the authority of other nation's religious institutions.

  28. Not relating to or of oneself; not natural (gloss).

  29. Bizarre, weird, exotic.

  30. (alt form)

  31. (l); foreign; non-native

  32. 11th century, ''La Vie de Saint Alexis'', BNF manuscript 19525

  33. alienes terres
    : foreign lands
  34. (l); extraterrestrial life form