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agar englannista suomeksi

  1. agar-agar

  2. agarmalja

  1. agar-agar

  2. agarliuos

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

agar englanniksi

  1. A gelatinous material obtained from algae, especially ''Gracilaria'' species, used as a bacterial medium, in electrophoresis and as a additive.

  2. A culture medium based on this material.

  3. (quote-book)

  4. agarwood

  5. (l) (gloss)

  6. eager, willing

  7. (synonym of).

  8. (synonym of)

  9. to (l), (l)

  10. that, order that

  11. to, order to

  12. (short for)

  13. agar

  14. (alternative form of)

  15. day

  16. (inflection of)

  17. "I shall be done, I shall be made"

  18. "I shall be accomplished, I shall be managed, I shall be achieved"

  19. "I shall be performed, I shall be transacted"

  20. "I shall be driven, I shall be conducted"

  21. "I shall be pushed, I shall be moved, I shall be impelled"

  22. "I shall be guided, I shall be governed, I shall be administered"

  23. "I shall be discussed, I shall be pleaded, I shall be deliberated"

  24. "I shall be thought upon"

  25. "I shall be stirred up, I shall be excited, I shall be caused, I shall be induced"

  26. "I shall be chased, I shall be pursued"

  27.  "I shall be driven, I shall be pursued"

  28. "I shall be robbed, I shall be stolen, I shall be plundered, I shall be carried off"

  29.  "I shall be passed, I shall be spent"

  30.  "I shall be slain, I shall be killed (as a sacrifice)"

  31.  "I shall be put forth, I shall be sprouted, I shall be extended"

  32. "may I be done, may I be made"

  33. "may I be accomplished, may I be managed, may I be achieved"

  34. "may I be performed, may I be transacted"

  35. "may I be driven, may I be conducted"

  36. "may I be pushed, may I be moved, may I be impelled"

  37. "may I be guided, may I be governed, may I be administered"

  38. "may I be discussed, may I be pleaded, may I be deliberated"

  39. "may I be thought upon"

  40. "may I be stirred up, may I be excited, may I be caused, may I be induced"

  41. "may I be chased, may I be pursued"

  42.  "may I be driven, may I be pursued"

  43. "may I be robbed, may I be stolen, may I be plundered, may I be carried off"

  44.  "may I be passed, may I be spent"

  45.  "may I be slain, may I be killed (as a sacrifice)"

  46.  "may I be put forth, may I be sprouted, may I be extended"

  47. that (gloss)

  48. agar (gloss), agar-agar

  49. agar (gloss)

  50. (infl of)

  51. (l) (gl)

  52. (syn)

  53. (sv-noun-form-indef-pl)

  54. (sv-verb-form-pre)

  55. if (supposing that)