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adagio englannista suomeksi

  1. adagio

  2. kohtalaisen hitaasti

  1. Substantiivi

adagio englanniksi

  1. A mark directing that a passage is to be played rather slowly, leisurely and gracefully.

  2. A passage having this mark.

  3. A male-female duet or mixed trio ballet displaying demanding balance, spins and/or lifts.

  4. Played rather slowly.

  5. Describing a passage having this mark.

  6. (l)

  7. adage

  8. adagio

  9. describing a passage having this mark

  10. slowly

  11. (inflection of)

  12. proverb, adage or saying

  13. (alternative form of)

  14. an adagio

  15. adagio

  16. adage (gloss)

  17. adagio (slowly)