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-s englanniksi

  1. (senseid) (non-gloss definition)

  2. (ux)

  3. (non-gloss definition)

  4. Used to form the third-person singular indicative tense of verbs.

  5. ''to eat'' → ''he eats''


  6. (n-g)

  7. (alternative form of)

  8. (m); (m); (m)

  9. (non-gloss definition)

  10. (m); (m); (m); (m); (m)


  11. (n-g), etc.

  12. (n-g)

  13. (l) → de tand des tijds

    (l) → Pieters jas

    (l) → iemands jas

    (l) → iets liefs

    stad → (l)

  14. (senseid) (n-g)

  15. Kuules nyt! (''addressing one person'')

    Now ''do'' listen! (''with'' nyt, ''quite an established expression of frustration, speaker very impatient'')

    Kuulkaas nyt! (''addressing many persons or formally one person'')

    Now ''do'' listen! (''same tone as above'')

    Tees nämä tehtävät. (''addressing one person, tone less impatient'')

    ''Go'' do these tasks.

  16. (n-g) that is appended to a second-person imperative, gives the command or request a slightly more persuasive or inspiring tone.

  17. (n-g) of the verb conjugated (also -''kö'' with the negation verb) in order to bring the conversation partner or a person outside the conversation, talked about, emotionally closer to the speaker, or to create familiarity into the conversation; also to express that closeness or familiarity—sometimes very difficult to translate ''well'' into English, in some cases corresponds to questions.

  18. (n-g), (m) and their inflected and derived forms, such as when the speaker expects the person addressed to know the answer.

  19. Mikäs se Suomen pääkaupunki olikaan?

    What was Finland's capital ''again''?

    Kukas heistä olikaan sinun lapsesi?

    Which of them was your child ''again''?

  20. (ngd)

  21. (ngd)) and in -al (which regularly make -aux).

  22. Added to a noun to form an adjective meaning "having something, a quality"; sometimes referred to as ornative.

  23. Added to a noun to form an occupation or a collective noun.

  24. Added to an number to form a digit or figure, cf. numerals|the relevant template.

  25. (n-g); thy, your

  26. (l)(l)

    (l) → wat groots

    Nacht → (l)

  27. his, hers, theirs

  28. -self (qualifier)

  29. Feminine noun suffix forming nouns from adjectives and verbs

  30. (sufex) (i)

  31. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  32. (suffixusex)