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upper englannista suomeksi

  1. yläsänky

  2. ylempi

  3. korkeampi

  4. ylä-

  5. piriste

  6. päällinen

  1. ylempi, korkeampi

  2. ylempi higher, kaukaisempi farther, pohjoisempi more northerly

  3. myöhempi

  4. ylä-

  5. Substantiivi

upper englanniksi

  1. At a higher level, rank or position.

  2. Situated on higher ground, further inland, or more northerly.

  3. younger, more recent

  4. Of or pertaining to a school.

  5. A stimulant, such as amphetamine, that increases energy and decreases appetite.

  6. The upper portion of something

  7. (quote-book)

  8. The piece of leather, etc., that forms the top part of a shoe above the sole.

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  10. The uppers of his patent-leather shoes were hidden by fawn spats.
  11. The Y-shaped strap on flip-flops.

  12. Someone with higher social standing

  13. A senior student.

  14. 1895, Edward Parry Eardley-Wilmot, E. C. Streatfield, ''Charterhouse'', page 64

  15. Each Upper had his private Fag; but general fagdom consisted of obedience to the demand of every Upper, no matter in whose House he happened to be.
  16. 2016, ''The Best of the Harvard Lampoon: 140 Years of American Humor''

  17. It is advisable, for example, to learn the words to the school loyalty and to “Fair Harvard” in the event that you are “asked” to give an impromptu “concert” in the Yard for the benefit of the Uppers.
  18. That which is higher, contrasted with the lower.

  19. A tooth in the upper jaw.

  20. A denture or retainer for the teeth in the upper jaw.

  21. An upper berth or bunk.

  22. A spiritual passageway through which consciousness can reach a higher dimension.