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underwater englannista suomeksi

  1. vedenalainen

  1. vedenalainen

underwater englanniksi

  1. Beneath the surface of the water; of or pertaining to the region beneath the water surface.

  2. ''Watch out for underwater obstacles.''

    ''He was a pioneer in underwater exploration.''

  3. Beneath the line of a vessel.

  4. ''When the ship was brought into dry dock, it was found that she had underwater damage.''

  5. In difficulty, especially financially.

  6. Having equity; owing more on an asset than its market value.

  7. ''We've been underwater on our mortgage ever since the housing crash.''

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  9. Of an option, having a price higher (options) or lower (options) than the current market price of the underlying asset or financial product; for example, an option to buy shares at $20 when the current market price is $15.

  10. So as to go beneath the surface of the water.

  11. ''Can you swim underwater?''

  12. Underlying water or body of water, for example in an aquifer or the deep ocean.

  13. A type of lure which lies beneath the water surface.

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  15. To water or irrigate insufficiently.

  16. ''Care must be taken not to underwater houseplants in the summer.''