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tomahawk englannista suomeksi

  1. tomahawk

  2. hakata tomahawkilla

  3. surmata tomahawkilla

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tomahawk

  3. Verbi

tomahawk englanniksi

  1. An ax used by American warriors.

  2. 1615, Ralph Hamor, ''A True Discourse of the Present State of Virginia'' (published in Richmond in 1957), page 13:

  3. yeerely bring into our store house, at the beginning of their haruest two bushels of corne a man (..) for which they should receiue so many Iron ''Tomahawkes'' or small hatchets.
  4. A dunk in which the person dunking the ball does so with his arm behind his head.

  5. A geometric construction consisting of a semicircle and two segments that serves as a tool for trisecting an angle; so called from its resemblance to the American Indian axe.

  6. A hockey shot style that involves a player turning their stick upside-down and swinging it so that its inside edge will come into contact with the ball.

  7. To strike with a tomahawk.

  8. 1906, (w), maiden speech to House of Commons, 12 Mar 1906:

  9. Not satisfied with tomahawking our colleagues in the country, they ask the scanty remnant in the House to join in the scalp dance.
  10. tomahawk

  11. (l) (gloss)