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  1. hockey

  2. lätkä

  1. jääkiekko

  2. Substantiivi

hockey englanniksi

  1. hockey|Ice hockey, a game on ice in which two teams of six players skate and try to score by shooting a puck into the opposing team's net, using their sticks.

  2. hockey|Field hockey, a sport played on a pitch on solid ground where players have to hit a ball into a net using a stick.

  3. A variation of hockey, such as hockey, hockey, shinny, or hockey.

  4. Faeces, excrement.

  5. 1970, (w), ''Lightning Bug'':

  6. “I thought she'd just gone to pee but I reckon she must be making hockey too.”
  7. 2014, Gwen Hunter, ''Bloodstone'':

  8. My anger surged back a pace. “Harry Boone is a lickspittle, butt kissing, hunk of horse hockey,” I said precisely.
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  10. (quote-book)|year2=1994|page2=457|pageurl2=|isbn2=978-1-85326-316-3|passage=As has been mentioned, Darts of to-day is essentially a "public-house game," and in pretty nearly every inn, club, or institute where it has a footing (and in which has it not!) will be found minor variations in play and often games that are peculiar to the locality or even to the "school" itself. (..) And in this domestic circle, at all events, it is thought that this set of Rules will prove a useful guide when taken in conjunction with what has already been said as regards the board, its position, the hockey-line, etc.

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