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strand englannista suomeksi

  1. hylätä, jättää rannalle

  2. ranta

  3. säie

  4. nauha

  5. ajautua rantaan

  6. rantautua

  1. ranta

  2. ajaa karille">ajaa karille

  3. jättää heitteille, hylätä

  4. säie, nauha

  5. säie, jänne

  6. hius, nauha spaghetti

  7. ketju

  8. punoa

  9. Substantiivi

  10. Verbi

strand englanniksi

  1. Strand

  1. The shore or beach of the sea or ocean; shore; beach.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Surrey Aenaeis)

  4. The shore or beach of a lake or river.

  5. A small brook or rivulet.

  6. A passage for water; gutter.

  7. A street.

  8. To aground; to beach.

  9. To leave (someone) in a difficult situation; to abandon or desert.

  10. To cause the third out of an inning to be made, leaving a runner on base.

  11. ''Jones pops up; that's going to strand a pair.''

  12. Each of the strings which, twisted together, make up a yarn, rope or cord.

  13. A string.

  14. An individual length of any fine, string-like substance.

  15. ''strand of spaghetti''

    ''strand of hair''.

  16. A group of wires, usually twisted or braided.

  17. A series of programmes on a particular theme or linked subject.

  18. An element in a composite whole; a sequence of linked events or facts; a logical thread.

  19. ''strand of truth''

  20. 2004, David Wray, ''Literacy: Major Themes in Education'', Taylor & Francis (ISBN), page 78

  21. She responds to both questions in writing and checks her answer on the fact question. Her suspicions confirmed about the importance of the two names, Miranda vows to pay close attention to this strand of the story as she continues to read.
  22. A nucleotide chain.

  23. To break a strand of (a rope).

  24. To form by uniting strands.

  25. beach

  26. shore, seashore

  27. seaside

  28. (imperative of)

  29. beach, strand

  30. (nl-verb form of)

  31. beach (gloss)

  32. pool, pool (gloss)

  33. aground|running aground, stranding

  34. beach, shoreline

  35. a (l) or (l)

  36. shore

  37. beach (not necessarily sandy)