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soon englannista suomeksi

  1. pian

  1. pian, kohta

  2. Verbi

  3. Substantiivi

soon englanniksi

  1. Short in length of time from the present.

  2. ''I need the soonest date you have available.''

  3. early

  4. 1992, W. H. Andrews: ''A Paul Green Reader'', p 129:

  5. Late in the evening we arrived at Quincy where we bivouacked for the night and taken a soon start the next morning to march to the arsenal.
  6. 1997, Dorothy Stanaland Samuel, Taliaferro Leslie Samuel: ''The Samuell/Samuel Families of Tidewater Virginia'', p 148:

  7. Got up pretty early, ate a soon breakfast, had the sulky and was about to start to Newtown when it commenced raining..
  8. 2000, Laurence G. Avery: ''A Paul Green Reader'', p 220:

  9. They were different from colored folks who had to be out to get a soon start.
  10. Immediately, instantly.

  11. Within a short time; quickly.

  12. (quote-book)|chapter=1

  13. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp), down the nave to the western door.(..)At a seemingly immense distance the surpliced group stopped to say the last prayer.

  14. (quote-journal)

  15. Early.

  16. (RQ:KJV)

  17. 1937, (w), ''(w)'', University of Illinois Press, 1978, Chapter 6, p. 87,

  18. “Been huntin’ fuh mah mule. Anybody seen ’im?” he asked.
    “Seen ’im soon dis mornin’ over behind de school-house,” Lum said. “’’Bout ten o’clock or so. He musta been out all night tuh be way over dere dat early.”
  19. Readily; willingly; used with ''would'', or some other word expressing will.

  20. 1713, (w), ''The Guardian'' No. 101

  21. I would as soon see a river winding through woods or in meadows, as when it is tossed up in so many whimsical figures at Versailles.
  22. to say

  23. vein, vessel

  24. to be yellow

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  26. (quote-book)