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shift englannista suomeksi

  1. muuttaa, korvata

  2. siirtää

  3. kääntyä

  4. työvuoro, vuoro

  5. muutos

  6. muuttaminen

  7. muuttua

  8. käyttää vaihtonäppäintä

  9. vaihtaa

  10. liikehtiä

  11. muuttuminen

  12. säkkipuku

  13. vaihto

  14. alusmekko

  15. liikahtaa

  16. siirtymä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. työvuoro, vuoro

  3. siirtyminen, siirto, muutos

  4. vaihteisto

  5. vaihto, shift

  6. Verbi

  7. muuttaa

  8. siirtää

  9. siirtyä

  10. vaihtaa

shift englanniksi

  1. A movement to do something, a beginning.

  2. An act of shifting; a slight movement or change.

  3. ''There was a shift in the political atmosphere.''

  4. c. 1620-1626, (w), ''letter to Nicholas Pey''

  5. My going to Oxford was not merely for shift of air.
  6. (quote-journal)

  7. A share, a portion assigned on division.

  8. A type of women's undergarment of dress length worn under dresses or skirts, a slip or chemise.

  9. (ux)

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  11. (quote-book)

  12. (RQ:Maugham Moon and Sixpence)

  13. A simple straight-hanging, loose-fitting dress.

  14. A change of workers, now specifically a set group of workers or period of working time.

  15. (syn)

    ''We'll work three shifts a day till the job's done.''

  16. The gear mechanism in a motor vehicle.

  17. (alternative spelling of).

  18. A code or character used to change between different sets.

  19. An instance of the use of such a code or character.

  20. A shift.

  21. An shift.

  22. The act of kissing passionately.

  23. A contrivance, a device to try when other methods fail.

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  25. A trick, an artifice.

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  29. Little souls on little shifts rely.
  30. The extent, or arrangement, of the overlapping of plank, brick, stones, etc., that are placed in courses so as to break joints.

  31. A breaking off and dislocation of a seam; a fault.

  32. A mutation in which the DNA or RNA from two different sources (such as viruses or bacteria) combine.

  33. In violin-playing, any position of the left hand except that nearest the nut.

  34. A period of time in which one's consciousness resides in another reality, usually achieved through meditation or other means.

  35. To move from one place to another; to redistribute.

  36. {{quote-journal|en|date=2012-03|author=William E. Carter; Merri Sue Carter

  37. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-06-22|volume=407|issue=8841|page=68|magazine=The Economist

  38. To change in form or character; switch.

  39. {{quote-text|en|year=2008|author=June Granatir Alexander|title=Ethnic Pride, American Patriotism|page=ix

  40. {{quote-text|en|year=2013|author=Steven H. Knoblauch|title=The Musical Edge of Therapeutic Dialogue

  41. To change position.

  42. To change residence; to leave and live elsewhere.

  43. To change (clothes, especially underwear).

  44. (RQ:Burton Melancholy), II.ii.2:

  45. 'Tis very good to wash his hands and face often, to shift his clothes, to have fair linen about him, to be decently and comely attired .
  46. To change (someone's) clothes; sometimes specifically, to change underwear.

  47. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-2) not to have patience to shift me.

  48. (RQ:Smollett Peregrine Pickle).

  49. To change gears (in a car).

  50. To move the keys of a typewriter over in order to type capital letters and special characters.

  51. To switch to a character entry mode for capital letters and special characters.

  52. To manipulate a binary number by moving all of its digits left or right; compare rotate.

  53. To remove the first value from an array.

  54. To of.

  55. To hurry; to move quickly.

  56. To engage in sexual petting.

  57. To resort to expedients for accomplishing a purpose; to contrive; to manage.

  58. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables) men in distress will look to themselves in the First Place, and leave their Companions to Shift as well as they can.

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  60. To practice indirect or evasive methods.

  61. (RQ:Raleigh Historie of the World)

  62. In violin-playing, to move the left hand from its original position next to the nut.

  63. To change the reality one's consciousness resides in through meditation or other means.

  64. (l) (people working in turn)

  65. (l) (button on a keyboard)

  66. (l) (the act of shifting)

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