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rocket englannista suomeksi

  1. sinappikaali

  2. nousta

  3. raketti

  4. ampua

  1. rakettimoottori, raketti

  2. raketti

  3. höyrypää

  4. ampaista

  5. nousta pystysuoraan">nousta pystysuoraan

  6. ampaista yläilmoihin">ampaista yläilmoihin

  7. kuljettaa raketilla">kuljettaa raketilla

  8. hyökätä raketein">hyökätä raketein, tehdä rakettihyökkäys">tehdä rakettihyökkäys

rocket englanniksi

  1. A engine.

  2. A non-guided missile propelled by a rocket engine.

  3. A vehicle propelled by a rocket engine.

  4. A rocket propelled firework, a skyrocket

  5. An ace (the card).

  6. An angry communication (such as a letter or telegram) to a subordinate.

  7. 1980, David Schoenbrun, ''Soldiers of the Night: The Story of Joseph Donovan|the French Resistance'', Dutton, (ISBN), page 203,

  8. While Robert Solborg and Jacques Lemaigre-Dubreuil were dreaming of revolts, Joseph Donovan|William Joseph “Wild Bill” Donovan had learned of Solborg’s insubordination and meddling. He sent him a “rocket” ordering him out of North Africa and back to Lisbon at once. Solborg flew to Lisbon and then on to Washington to face out his problem with Donovan.
  9. A blunt lance head used in jousting.

  10. Something that shoots high in the air.

  11. (quote-journal)|date=28 September 2016|passage=Fernandinho launched a rocket that flew just over. Gundogan's shot hit off Sviatchenko and Gordon and went out. City pressed and pressed.

  12. A stupid or crazy person.

  13. 2014, Alistair Beaton, Rob Drummond, Morna Pearson, ''Contemporary Scottish Plays''

  14. Why were the Luddites named efter Ned Ludd? A wee rocket. A wee fucken fairy bampot. A pure hooligan, smashing stuff up. A ned. Ned Ludd.
  15. To accelerate swiftly and powerfully.

  16. (quote-web) action-comedy ''(w)'' is a ''(w)'' for the ''(w)'' age|url=|work=(w)|date=6 August 2021|passage=With ''Free Guy'', Reynolds gets just a little more in touch with his (w) side via nothing less than his own version of The Truman Show, shorn of its daydream dread and rocketed into the age of Fortnite.

  17. To fly vertically.

  18. To rise or soar rapidly.

  19. (quote-journal)

  20. To carry something in a rocket.

  21. To attack something with rockets.

  22. The vegetable ''sativa'' or ''vesicaria''.

  23. larkspur ((taxlink))