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ragged englannista suomeksi

  1. ryysyinen, risainen, rähjäinen

  2. repaleinen

  3. epätasainen

  1. rähjäinen

  2. epätasainen, rosoinen

  3. rähjäinen, ryysyinen

ragged englanniksi

  1. In tatters, having the texture broken.

  2. ''a ragged coat''

    ''a ragged sail''

  3. Having rough edges; jagged or uneven

  4. ''ragged rocks''

  5. Harsh-sounding; having an unpleasant noise

  6. 1912, David Herbert Lawrence, ''The Trespasser'', Chapter 12

  7. There was a ragged noise of bleating from the flock penned in a corner of the yard. Two red-armed men seized a sheep, hauled it to a large bath that stood in the middle of the yard, and there held it, more or less in the bath, whilst a third man baled a dirty yellow liquid over its body.
  8. Wearing tattered clothes.

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  10. ''a ragged fellow''

  11. Rough; shaggy; rugged.

  12. 1969, Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, “The Boxer”, ''Bridge over Troubled Water'', Columbia Records:

  13. Seeking out the poorer quartersWhere the ragged people go
  14. Faulty; lacking in skill, reliability, or organization.

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  17. performed in a syncopated manner, especially in ragtime.

  18. Of a structure: having uneven levels.

  19. ''a ragged hierarchy''

    ''a ragged array, consisting of a number of arrays of varying size''

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  21. (l), raggy, raglike

  22. shaggy, furry

  23. rough, jagged, spiked