suomi-englanti sanakirja

pukea englanniksi

  1. assume, get into, put on, wear

  2. bundle up

  3. suit

  4. get dressed

  5. dress, tog

  6. dress up, caparison, barde

  1. To dress (''a person''), on (''clothes''); to clothe.

  2. ~ joku hienoksi = to up|dress sb up|up.

    ~ joku + ''translative'' = to disguise as.

    ~ vaate päälle = to on|put a piece of clothing on|on.

  3. To become, suit.

  4. ''Tuo hattu pukee sinua.''

    ''That hat becomes you.''

    ''Kyyneleet eivät pue sinua.''

    ''Tears don't suit you.''