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express englannista suomeksi

  1. ilmaista

  2. puristaa

  3. pikalähetyksenä

  4. pika-

  5. ilmentää

  6. pikavuoro, pikajuna

  7. pikakirje

  8. pikalähetys

  9. lähettää pikalähetyksenä

  10. nimenomainen

  1. pika-

  2. yksikäsitteinen, nimenomainen

  3. ilmeinen

  4. pikavuoro bus, pikajuna train

  5. ilmaista

  6. puristaa

  7. erittää

  8. Substantiivi

express englanniksi

  1. Moving or operating quickly, as a train not making local stops.

  2. (syn)

  3. Specific or precise; directly and distinctly stated; not merely implied.

  4. (ant)


  5. Truly depicted; exactly resembling.

  6. (quote-book)|editor=(w)|title=The Mask of Comus|location=New York|publisher=J. W. Schermerhorn & Co.|year_published=1876|page=253|pageurl=|passage=Soon as the potion works, their human countenance, / The express resemblance of the gods, is changed / Into some brutish form, of wolf, or bear, / Or ounce, or tiger, hog, or bearded goat, / All other parts remaining as they were(..)

  7. Providing a more limited but presumably faster service than a full or complete dealer of the same kind or type.

  8. A mode of transportation, often a train, that travels quickly or directly.

  9. (quote-book)

  10. (quote-journal)

  11. A service that allows mail or money to be sent rapidly from one destination to another.

  12. An rifle.

  13. 1885, (w), ''(w)''

  14. "Give me my express," I said, laying down the Winchester, and he handed it to me cocked.
  15. A clear image or representation; an expression; a plain declaration.

  16. (RQ:Taylor Clerus Domini)

  17. A messenger sent on a special errand; a courier.

  18. *1792, (w), ''Desmond'', Broadview 2001, p. 381:

  19. I learned, to my inexpressible terror, that at two o'clock, the day before, an express had been sent to Geraldine by Mr Bergasse, with a letter, which he had received from the Hotel de Romagnecourt.
  20. An office.

  21. 1873, (w), ''Christmas Eve and Christmas Day''

  22. She charged him (..) to ask at the express if anything came up from town.
  23. That which is sent by an express messenger or message.

  24. (quote-book)|title=Basilike|Εἰκὼν Βασιλική Eikōn Basilikē = Royal Portrait. The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Maiestie, in His Solitvdes and Svfferings|year=1648|passage=popular captations, which some men use in their Speeches, and Expresses

  25. (quote-book)|title=Lady Anne Granard|volume=3|page=132|text=So much was Sir Edward delighted that he sent an express to inform Lord Meersbrook of this great act of friendship, in order that he might be the more easy on their account;...

  26. Moving or operating quickly, as a train not making local stops.

  27. (senseid) To convey or communicate; to make known or explicit.

  28. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  29. To press, squeeze out (especially said of milk).

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  31. 1949, ''United States Naval Medical Bulletin'' (volume 49, issue 1, page 61)

  32. It contained many cysts which were filled with sagolike granules that could be expressed under pressure.
  33. 2018, Kelsey Munroe, ''The Guardian'', 15 March:

  34. They don’t have teats, so the mothers express their milk onto their bellies for their young to feed.
  35. To translate RNA into protein.

  36. To transcribe acid into messenger RNA.

  37. 2015, Ferris Jabr, ''How Humans Ended Up With Freakishly Huge Brains'', ''Wired'':

  38. When a cell “expresses” a gene, it translates the DNA first into a signature messenger RNA (mRNA) sequence and subsequently into a chain of amino acids that forms a protein.
  39. The action of conveying some idea using words or actions; communication, expression.

  40. 1646, Sir (w), ''Pseudodoxia Epidemica'', V.20:

  41. Whereby they discoursed in silence, and were intuitively understood from the theory of their expresses.
  42. A specific statement or instruction.

  43. 1646, (w), ''Pseudodoxia Epidemica'', II.5:

  44. This Gentleman ... caused a man to go down no less than a hundred fathom, with express to take notice whether it were hard or soft in the place where it groweth.
  45. express, rapid

  46. express train or service