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peril englannista suomeksi

  1. vaarantaa

  2. vaara

  3. uhata

  4. uhka

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaara, vaaratilanne

  3. vaara

  4. Verbi

peril englanniksi

  1. A situation of serious and immediate danger.

  2. (ux)

  3. Something that causes, contains, or presents danger.

  4. An event which causes a loss, or the risk of a specific such event.

  5. To cause to be in danger; to imperil; to risk. (defdate)

  6. 1830, Y. Hayne|Robert Hayne, s:Webster and Hayne's Celebrated Speeches/Mr. Hayne's Speech on Mr. Foot's Resolution|Speech in the United States Senate:

  7. And are we, Mr. President, who stood by our country then, who threw open our coffers, who bared our bosoms, who freely perilled all in that conflict, to be reproached with want of attachment to the Union?
  8. (RQ:Wilde Dorian Gray)

  9. Danger, risk, peril; something that is potentially harmful or risky:

  10. A location where danger, risk, or peril is present or likely.

  11. A thing or enterprise which creates peril; anything which creates or which is of peril.

  12. Sinfulness; religious threat or danger.

  13. Bad fortune; unluckiness or mischance.

  14. (l); hazard; danger