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peradventure englannista suomeksi

  1. epäilys, epävarmuus

  2. ehkä

  1. Substantiivi

peradventure englanniksi

  1. Perchance or maybe; perhaps; supposing.

  2. 1554, Knox|John Knox, ''A Godly Letter of Warning or Admonition to the Faithfull in London, Newcastle, and Berwick'':

  3. For be God the Propheit was commandit to stand in the entress of the Lordis house, and to speik to all the cieties of Juda that come to wirschip in the house of the Lord; and was commandit to keip no word aback, gif peradventure, sayeth the Lord, thay will herkin and turne everie man frome his wickit way.
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  8. Chance, doubt or uncertainty.

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  10. Covetousness cracks the sinews of faith; numbs the apprehension of any thing above sense; and only affected with the certainty of things present, makes a peradventure of things to come (..)
  11. 1800, Roscoe Thayer|William R. Thayer, “Woman Suffrage, Pro and Con,” ''Atlantic|The Atlantic Monthly'', Volume 65, page 310,

  12. By his death Bruno did not prove that his convictions are true, but he proved beyond peradventure that he was a true man; and by such from the beginning has human nature been raised towards that ideal nature which we call divine.