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orchestra englannista suomeksi

  1. orkesteri

  2. permanto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. orkesteri

  3. orkestra, orkesteri

  4. orkesterimonttu

  5. Verbi

orchestra englanniksi

  1. A large group of musicians who play together on various instruments, usually including some from strings, woodwind, brass and/or percussion; the instruments played by such a group.

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  3. (quote-av)|role=Steve Jobs|actor=Michael Fassbender|passage=Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.

  4. A semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in Greek and Hellenistic theatres.

  5. The area in a theatre or hall where the musicians sit, immediately in front of and below the stage, sometimes (also) used by other performers.

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  8. band

  9. pit

  10. orchestra (area in front of a stage)

  11. orchestra

  12. to orchestrate

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