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invalid englannista suomeksi

  1. kelpaamaton, mitätön, kelvoton

  2. vammainen, invalidi

  3. tulla toimintakyvyttömäksi

  4. vapauttaa palveluksesta

  1. epäkelpo, kelvoton, virheellinen, pätemätön

  2. invalidi, työkyvytön henkilö">työkyvytön henkilö

  3. työkyvytön henkilö">työkyvytön henkilö

  4. Substantiivi

invalid englanniksi

  1. Not valid; not true, correct, acceptable or appropriate.

  2. ''Your argument is invalid because it uses circular reasoning.''

    ''This invalid contract cannot be legally enforced.''

  3. Any person with a disability or illness.

  4. A person who is confined to home or bed because of illness, disability or injury; one who is too sick or weak to care for themselves.

  5. A disabled member of the forces; one unfit for active duty due to injury.

  6. Suffering from disability or illness.

  7. (quote-book)|isbn=0807863904

  8. Intended for use by an invalid.

  9. To exempt from duty because of injury or ill health.

  10. ''He was invalided home after the car crash.''

  11. 1989, Curtis|Richard Curtis and Elton|Ben Elton, "Goodbyeee", ''Goes Forth|Blackadder Goes Forth'':

  12. ''Blackadder'': Right, Baldrick, this is an old trick I picked up in the Sudan. We tell HQ that I’ve gone insane, and I’ll be invalided back to Blighty before you can say “wibble” — a poor, gormless idiot.
  13. To make invalid or affect with disease.

  14. invalid (qualifier)

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  19. crippled, disabled

  20. cripple, disabled person

  21. invalid