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infiltrate englannista suomeksi

  1. soluttautua

  2. imeytyä

  3. tunkeutua

  1. Verbi

  2. soluttautua

  3. suodattaa

  4. soluttaa

  5. Substantiivi

infiltrate englanniksi

  1. To surreptitiously penetrate, enter or gain access to.

  2. ''The spy infiltrated the high-tech company and stole many secrets.''

  3. To cause to penetrate in this way.

  4. ''The agency infiltrated several spies into the company.''

  5. To pass through something by filtration.

  6. To cause (a liquid) to pass through something by filtration.

  7. To invade or penetrate a tissue or organ.

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  9. To send (soldiers, spies{{, etc.) through gaps in the enemy line.

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  11. To move from a vein, remaining in the body.

  12. Any undesirable substance or group of cells that has made its way into part of the body.

  13. 2008, Jimmy D. Bartlett, Siret D. Jaanus, ''Clinical Ocular Pharmacology'' (page 539)

  14. One critical distinction to make is whether a focal corneal infiltrate is infected with bacteria or is a sterile immunologic response.
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