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impure englannista suomeksi

  1. epäpuhdas

  2. likainen

  1. epäpuhdas

  2. Verbi

impure englanniksi

  1. Not pure

  2. Containing undesired intermixtures

  3. ''The impure gemstone was not good enough to be made into a necklace, so it was thrown out.''

  4. Unhallowed; defiled by something unholy, either physically by an objectionable substance, or morally by guilt or sin

  5. Unchaste; obscene (gloss)

  6. ''He was thinking impure thoughts involving a girl from school.''

  7. 2012, Frederick Ramsay, ''The Eighth Veil: A Jerusalem Mystery''

  8. ''“No one would marry her if she was impure, don't you see?” “Impure? Surely if a woman is forcibly deprived of her virginity, she can't be thought of as impure.”''
  9. to defile; to pollute

  10. (adj form of)

  11. basely, shamefully, infamously

  12. impurely

  13. (inflection of)