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helper englannista suomeksi

  1. auttaja

  2. avustaja

  1. Substantiivi

  2. auttaja, avustaja, apuri, apulainen

helper englanniksi

  1. One who helps; an aide; assistant; auxiliary.

  2. That which helps; anything serving to assist.

  3. 2005, ''PC World'' (volume 23, page 158)

  4. While Adobe's Acrobat Reader, Macromedia's Flash player, and other common plug-ins suggest themselves the moment you encounter a site that requires them, other browser helpers are harder to find.
  5. 2012, Jude Deveraux, ''The Mulberry Tree'' (page 84)

  6. He no longer liked food that had “helper” in the name, such as Hamburger Helper and Tuna Helper. Patsy said he'd become uppity, and maybe, when it came to food, he had.
  7. 2014, Neale Blackwood, ''Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants'' (page 154)

  8. If a particular calculation is to be used a few times, it makes sense to put it in a helper cell so that it can be referred to by other formulas.
  9. A person who does cleaning and cooking in a family home, or in a market; domestic employee.

  10. a locomotive that assists a train, usually on steep gradients.

  11. a maid; a servant or cleaner

  12. an aide

  13. One who helps, gives aid; deputy, assistant, aide, flunky

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