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glamour englannista suomeksi

  1. hohto, tenho, lumous

  2. lumota

  1. Substantiivi

  2. glamour

  3. Verbi

glamour englanniksi

  1. Originally, enchantment; magic charm; especially, the effect of a spell that causes one to see objects in a form that differs from reality, typically to make filthy, ugly, or repulsive things seems beauteous.

  2. 1882, (w), “(w)”:

  3. They often murmur to themselves, they speakTo one another seldom, for their woeBroods maddening inwardly and scorns to wreakItself abroad; and if at whiles it growTo frenzy which must rave, none heeds the clamour,Unless there waits some victim of like glamour,To rave in turn, who lends attentive show.
  4. Alluring beauty or charm (often with sex appeal).

  5. ''glamour magazines; a glamour model''

  6. Any excitement, appeal, or attractiveness associated with a person, place, or thing; that which makes something appealing.

  7. ''The idea of being a movie star has lost its glamour for me.''

  8. (quote-journal)

  9. Any artificial interest in, or association with, an object, or person, through which it or they appear delusively magnified or glorified.

  10. A kind of haze in the air, causing things to appear different from what they really are.

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  12. An item, motif, person, image that by association improves appearance.

  13. To enchant; to bewitch.

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  15. glamour (gloss)

  16. glamorous

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