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gents englanniksi

  1. (monikko) en|gent

  2. A men's room: a lavatory intended for use by men.

  3. ''Where is the gents? I need a slash.''

  4. 1898, ''The Hotel/Motor Hotel Monthly'', Vol. 6, p. 27:

  5. A gents' toilet room might be found in a house that caters for the cheaper class of theatrical patronage, where the slangy language of the "goin' to the mat this aft?" style prevails. A gents toilet room is not found in the Southern Hotel. It either "men's" or "gentlemen's".
  6. 2000, Munroe Blair, ''Ceramic Water Closets'', p. 15:

  7. London's first 'gents' public toilets were opened in Fleet Street in 1851, followed in 1852 by a 'ladies' toilet at 51 Bedford Street, Strand.
  8. 2014 April 11, Charlotte Meredith, "The Palace of Sexminster" in ''Huffington Post: United Kingdom'':

  9. One unidentified man spoke of how he was approached to "go to the Gents" with an MP at an event for young political activists while another man described how an MP invited his entire office staff to a bar.
  10. men's|Men's: intended for use by men.

  11. (monikko) fr|gent

  12. (masculine plural of)