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lavatory englannista suomeksi

  1. käymälä, veski, WC, kylppäri

  2. lavuaari

  3. klosetti, vessa, pesuhuone

  1. Substantiivi

lavatory englanniksi

  1. A vessel or fixture for washing, ''particularly:''

  2. {{quote-text|en|year=a. 1375|title=Lay Folks Mass Book|section=Appendix iv, p. 606

  3. 1382, Bible (Bible|Wycliffe), of Exodus|Exod. 30:18:

  4. And thow shalt make a brasun lauatory with his foot to wasshe with.
  5. A laver: a washbasin.

  6. A bathtub.

  7. A piscina: the basin used for washing communion vessels.

  8. A lavabo: the basin used for washing one's hands before handling the Eucharist.

  9. A font: the basin used for baptism, used figuratively for the away|washing away of sins.

  10. A plumbing fixture used for washing: a sink.

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  14. Handwashing as an act, ''particularly''

  15. 1513, Robert Fabyan, last will and testament:

  16. Wt condicion that at the tyme of the Lavatory eueryche of theym turne theym to the people, and exorte theym to pray for ye soules following...
  17. The lavabo: the ritual washing of hands before handling the eucharist.

  18. The ritual washing of hands after using the piscina to clean the communion vessels.

  19. A liquid used in washing; a lotion; a wash; a rinse.

  20. {{quote-book|en|year=1490|translator=William Caxton|author=Publius Vergilius Maro|title=The Boke yf Eneydos|chapter=xxviii|page=110

  21. A washroom: a room used for washing the face and hands.

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  23. A room containing a toilet: a bathroom (qualifier) or WC (qualifier).

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  25. (quote-web)

  26. A plumbing fixture for urination and defecation: a toilet.

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  28. A place to wash clothes: a laundry.

  29. A place where gold is panned.

  30. A paved room in a mortuary where corpses are kept under a shower of disinfecting fluid.

  31. Washing, or cleansing by washing.

  32. toilet

  33. (alt form)